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Thread is derailed to PvP again but anyway:Ranger range QoL incoming?
First off, I'm gonna assume that this is a PVP-centric request because Rangers have tank pets that do a fine job of keeping mobs out of their dead zone. Secondly, I have to look at all of the options that the rogue has at their disposal to get out of melee before considering that sort of change. Off the cuff though and assuming just 61 Ranger... Close Quarters Combat is a 16 point investment in Marksman. That takes it out of the equation.Still, 0 points in Riftstalker gives Shadow Shift. 0 in Marksman gives Shift Shot and On the Double. 11 points in Bladedancer gets Sprint. 6 points in Marksman gives Repelling Shot which can be talented into affecting 5 targets for 11 points. There is also Hasty Departure in Marksman for 11 points invested too.Then if you look at the Ranger tree itself... Fleeting InstinctsEscape ArtistPin DownSo with that amount options to get out of melee and still maintain 61 points... this doesn't seem like a high priority QoL change that is needed at this time. If someone would like to make a strong case for this, by all means, do. The PM box is always open. =)
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