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this is trion code for "we found some old content we hadn't reskinned already"
No, but you can try to troll harder if you like. It is exactly what I promised during the Iron Pine zone revamp. I removed no major lore or story arcs EXCEPT those two with the promise that they would be returning soon, improved, and with all the rewards the previously contained (instead of getting shuffled off to the cash shop, plus they will get some new additional rewards as well). Those form the basis of arc 1 and 2 of the saga. Arc 3 is entirely new.
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Major content patch big addition...........6 NEW ARTIFACTS SETS I feel trolled.
These artifacts have nothing to do with 2.6. These are part of the Fae Yule celebration launching in just a few days. Regarding the Fae Yule update, it is actually a lot more work than it sounds. The original event was already quite full. And adding just to add doesn't exactly make it BETTER - just bloated. That said, a lot of work WAS done - expanding the zone events, rifts, random lootables, and just general decoration into the storm legion zones and hubs is actually quite time consuming. It isn't a sexy bullet point, but players have been frustrated by events that were not so visible in terms of decoration in the play spaces - like with Autumn Harvest. So some significant time was spent fulfilling that expectation. The new artifact collecting is tied into the Fae Yule villages and is a mechanic we haven't utilized much - build up a hub via instant adventure to unlock a layer of special resources available to all for a period of time. In this case, an extra layer of Fae Yule themed artifacts throughout the zone. And of course, there are new rewards for event currency AS WELL AS new cash shop items (because that is what keeps the lights on). That said, allow me to manage expectations - world events are never going to be completely rebuilt each year. They will be iterated upon. They are annual events and for most players, it IS new content - new to them. We try to keep adding stuff here and there to freshen them up though for longer term players. The amount of time and resources spent on building the original versions of these events was tremendous. That time is better spent now generating other new content rather than to constantly rebuild a functional event.
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