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Hi everyone. I've been promising to do a State of the Warrior type post for a few weeks now so here are some changes that Iím considering:
  • Paladin: Adding a 1% increase to healing received on Protectorís Fury. Max. stack count remains at 5.
  • Reaver: A fundamental change to corruptions.
    • Change from PBAoE to GTAoE with a cast range of 20m with a 7-10m affect radius. Range is augmented by Binding of Shadow.
    • Corrupted areas grant debuffs to the mobs/players that enter it. These last for 20 seconds base and duration is augmented by Vile Affinity.
    • Corruption debuffs cause threat instantly when applied and have a DoT component. Threat is augmented by Sinister Intent.
    • Corruption debuffs would share a global stack count per caster and be limited to 1-2 max.
    • Cooldown would stay at 30 seconds for now. Can be altered based on playtesting.
    • Corruptions remain finishers with their damage augmented by attack points spent during casting.
  • Void Knight: Several QoL changesÖ
    • Accord of the Rift grants the effects of the other Accords similar to Dominating Bearing in Champion.
    • Unstable Void grants the effect of Void. With the above change, this reduces the amount of buffs cast from a VK soul from 6 to 2.
    • Ambient Engorgement provides pacts all the time and not just while in combat. Note: This effect might be moved to another ability higher in the VK tree based on playtesting.
    • Power Shield repurposed into a high cooldown ability that grants max pacts.
Souls that are under the Eye of Vladd:
  • Beastmaster: There are a host of QoL issues when it comes to this soul that are on the list to be addressed such as target switching, reliance upon bleeds, ability management, and access to only one pet while all other pet classes have three options. Of that list, the pet options is probably the only one that won't happen since that requires a ton of art time to model and animate. That doesn't mean that I won't champion for it though!
  • Warlord: There have been a lot of complaints about energy starvation with Warlord. This is the designed drawback of the burst that they do now. They are great for bursting but not so great for sustained. What falls under the Eye of Vladd is this design effective and fun? Probably not based on the complaints. Any improvements would be centered around changing it from a starvation mechanic into a cooldown mechanic.
  • Riftblade: Again, this soul has been a hot topic as of late particularly as to what it brings to the table compared to other souls that have better survivability. My gut tells me that Burst Synergy might be behind some of it. Still, Iíd love to hear more suggestions to get the Riftblade back in line. As always, you can either post in this thread or PM me.
What does being under the Eye of Vladd mean? This means that Iím keeping a watchful eye on them or that they are on my to do list. And now the standard disclaimer partÖJust because Iíve mentioned something here or anywhere on the forums doesnít mean that it is set in stone and will come to pass. Testing on PTS, issues found during implementation, or aliens gaining control of the planet can determine that changes need to be made or in some cases unmade. Also, just because I donít have a bullet point for every single soul doesnít mean that Iím not working on them either.
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