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Well that is great news Indeed, unless....who wants to take bets, that it will cost Credits...LOL.Will be like the skin color/hair unlock account wide for such and such credits I personally wish they would re visit each and every armor/wardrobe item in game and make every part 100 % dyeable, i never Buy anything in store unless i ask someone with it on if you can dye it all the way, which really sucks considering how many choices id have if i could dye stuff the way i wanted to, dont take away my options (as stated in a post i made a bit ago)) Give me MORE options.
Dye previewing will NOT cost Credits.Here is an example of how it will work: I'm looking at the dye section of the store, I click on Red Dye, the primary of my entire outfit in the store will now look red. Next I click Grey Dye, the secondary of my entire outfit will look Grey. The next color I preview will replace the primary color.Now that I have my red and grey dyes picked out, I can keep those previewed and look at more costumes. Every costume I click on to preview will also be red and grey.Special bonus: This will also work for previewing dye recipes!
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