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Playing an online game is always more entertaining when you play with friends. To do so, its of great use to be able to message them. To easily be able to do this, we have a friend-list where you can add all your friends, see their online status and easily send them a message. So how is this a problem you wonder?It's simple.When I right click on my friends name and press tell, the conversation is not directed to said friend. It's directed to the player below him in my friend list. I have tried double clicking my friend list, but sometimes not even this is enough to make sure that the message is going to the right person. (I doubleclick with leftclick to make sure said player is selected before attempting to press 'tell')I have asked around, and I am far from the only one having this problem. When I select a friend in my friend-list and press to send him a message, I expect him to receive it. Not the player below him in alphabetical order who has no idea what I'm talking about. I'm mostly playing in windowed mode, I have no idea if this is why I have said effect.Do you have the same problem or are we somehow unfortunately a select few?Are Trionworlds even aware of this problem at all?
I wasn't aware of this issue but I'll pass it along to our UI Engineer to look at it. Thank you for the information!
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