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Hey all,Update for you on what's going on with Warlock. It looks like things are going in a good direction with the changes so far. First thing I want to just give a quick update on what additional changes are coming to PTS:
  • Defile now applies its crit buff to the Mage instead of the target.
  • Defile now drains charge again while active.
  • Conflux no longer requires a target to cast.
  • Removed the variance from Warlock Armor heal procs.
  • Swift Corruption now also increases the chance for damage over time abilities to critically hit by 2/4%.
I want to also address several of the requests/concerns/suggestions that have been popping up. One of the big concerns has been regarding mobility. For this update I am not planning on making any substantial changes that would affect the Warlock's mobility. However, there are some things in the works for a ways down the road that I believe will do a lot to address these concerns. More info on just what that is when its closer to being revealed.On the Opportunity and Agony procs, the reason these currently overwrite each other is due to issues with having them up at the same time. If they're up at the same time there are two situations. 1) Agony was applied first and then Opportunity procs. In this situation everything is great and works like people would want. 2) Opportunity is applied first and the Agony procs. In this situation if you cast anything with a cast time other than Consuming Agony first things are great. The problem comes in if you cast Consuming Agony. In this instance it will consume both Opportunity and the Agony proc. This sort of issue caused a lot of confusion and bug reports in the past and isn't something that has a good solution, which is why things are in their current state. I can take another look at things and see if I can come up with an alternate set up for them, but I'd like to avoid reintroducing an issue we've already steered away from.Warlock self healing is also an issue that has been coming up frequently. My view on healing from Life Leech is that it is easier to get and slightly better than the healing gained by the Inquisitor from Vex/Scourge. While together Vex and Scourge heal for more than Life Leech the testing I've done has Life Leech healing for more than either Vex or Scourge alone, without accounting for refreshes from Lingering Pain. On healing from Warlock Armor, I agree the healing from it seems relatively small. However, we intentionally try to keep passive healing low. Passive healing meaning, in this case, healing where you're not actively doing anything to generate the healing. At least for the moment I'm resistant to increasing the healing much, but I can look at other ways of doing it so it might scale better.
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