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An additional note regarding bots:Botting for resources is a problem. It has been a problem ever since Trion added harvestable mobs (not counting butchering, obviously, though that didn't used to be botted as much). We can infer from Tacitus's post that removing harvesting from mobs is out of the question--which is unsurprising, given the way people react when you take things away--but I do feel that the game could benefit from a more effective means of bot reporting.Currently, to report a bot, you submit a CS ticket. In and of itself, that's not an issue, however there are several drawbacks:
  1. It's unclear what information needs to be included in the ticket and what information is collected automatically (date, location, target name, server, etc)
  2. Players can only report one bot at a time and no additional bots can be reported until that first report is received by CS and the ticket is closed by Trion--a process which often takes two to three days. Put another way, you're only allowed to report 2-3 bots per week.
  3. Attempts to report multiple bots in one ticket or to update an existing ticket with information on additional bots lead to those reports (apparently) being disregarded by CS. I have been told multiple times not to report more than one bot per ticket.)
We need a more effective way to specifically report botters and we need some reassurance that Trion is acting on those reports. Ideally, it'd be nice to see more proactive action by Trion. For example, people selling 3000 Truehide or 5000 Karthite are probably worth investigating without the need for player reports.
Hey there!I went and talked to CS to see if we could clarify a few points for you guys.1. The character's name, shard, and type of botting performed are the most vital details needed in a bot report. "Type" can be as simple as node gathering, grinding in X location, fishing, etc.2&3. This is not the case on either count! You can report any number of bots by updating your ticket with more names. By typing /cs and tabbing over to the "Contact a GM" tab, and then clicking the update button, you can add an additional reply with as many names as you like. Additionally, you can update your ticket any number of times before you receive an answer, and all the listed names will be investigated by the GM that handles it. We do ask that once you've received the reply that states that we've taken a look into those players that you start a new ticket rather than updating one, which just means you should close out that ticket and start a new one from the /cs ticket window in-game.I had someone from CS go through your past tickets to try and find the GM that told you to report only one bot per ticket, but were unable to locate one. If you have a specific ticket number for me, please send it my way and we will investigate it ASAP, so that that GM can be corrected for future replies.This response is a little more detailed not for you, as you and many others in this thread are familiar with the details of reporting a player, but for anyone who is reading that may be newer and isn't as familiar with our in-game ticketing system. As for more effective and proactive methods, I'll be sure to pass on your ideas to the CS team to see if any of that can be implemented into their workflow.
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