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The lack of a response to the quality concerns, tho, tha'ts - frustrating i guess?
Well, your opinion that the content quality dropped is simply that - an opinion. I can't really change your mind on that - its how you view the game. Something isn't sitting right with you about what we've put out - and perhaps its also the way we are rolling out content week over week instead of all at once? I don't think there is anything I can really do to convince you otherwise So I'm not going to try.The fact that we are re-leveling some older areas and bringing them up to higher level is a direct result of player feedback. That feedback may not have come from you - and as a very long term player - yea it may seem "distasteful" or "lazy" to do that - but folks asked for it, we delivered it. There are huge numbers of players that never experienced this content before. I'm really glad we've gotten a chance to go back and update some of these areas.~Daglar
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