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I just PM'd dahanese about this, hopefully she'll reply soon.So far she told me, that they ''mostly wanted to give something new and fun to people''.There are many valid concerns in this topic, and while some may be too aggressive and/or doom-gloomy, in general I agree about all this, so I'm not going to repeat what was said in all these topics recently.Ever since the merging fiasco things have been going downhill, and it's sad, as I used to respect Trion more then any other company, and I love Rift.I really hope we get some response to all this, so that things can clear up a bit. Maybe it's not all as bad as it looks, but since there's silence from the devs again, we don't know.
Hey!Just here to say we're reading what you guys are saying, talking to some here and in PMs, and most importantly taking feedback from everyone.Our goal is to give people a fun game, fun things to do, and fun options without forcing anyone to do anything. I'm not in the business of trying to convince someone to like something that they don't, but I'll try and answer any questions that I can. Please do note we're headed into a holiday, though, so devs are scattered with family and quite soon my family will be wanting my attention as well. Please do send feedback to me, though, because we always read it.
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