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I just think it is odd for someone that works with the internet gets pissed or has darker days due to what someone says on a forum. If you think these forums are bad you should try hanging out on the big college football forums. This stuff here is kids play.
I think you could turn that on its head and instead of thinking this is odd, be happy that we are still human. I've been doing this gig for almost eight years now. Sometimes, it's awesome. Sometimes, it's really rough. I have a super thick skin but more important, I am a gamer and see things from your point of view. I've been on the other side (as has Dag and most of the team): we might not always agree (never seen anyone on the internet universally agree on something) but whether I'm on one side or the other, I get the passion, I get the heated arguments, and I understand it. I'm also a realist and I understand the internet. We aren't all going to be nice and respectful 100% of the time. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try to be respectful. There are days that things the community say upsets me. Sometimes, it's because it's a problem I can't fix, or an ongoing issue I can't give a good solution or response to. Sometimes, it's because people are (frankly) being jerks, or worse, being obtuse or misinforming others. It's not a bad thing that this happens, because the converse also happens: when a good thing happens with the community, I feel like a million bucks. You should want this from your devs, from everyone who works at the company, and you should honestly wonder what's up when people DON'T care. Apathy is not a good thing coming from the people who take your feedback and make your games. TL;DR: be respectful to each other. Seriously, I shouldn't have to say this. This isn't kindergarten. And this isn't a race to the bottom: it's not okay to be jerks to each other just because there's someone else on the internet that's even more of a jerk.
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