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Same techniques are used by dictators. Silence people who disagree. I guess so you can announce your great enthusiasm at things like... erm... well, closing the only European rp shard and forced merges. Okay, I admit: this is exaggerated, but it does feel likewise to me, so feel free to talk with the community team to ban me from the forum. After all, you already got my patron subscription, so I am not needed anymore. :S
I'm glad this thread as advanced to the point where I am being compared to a dictator. The internet is a truly wonderful place. Thank you for your contribution to making my day just a little darker before I head off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Also I'm not sure where I'm "silencing people who disagree" I said that I might talk to the community team about a policy regarding -- effectively lying - constantly on the forums. The claim that RIFT is "ninja nerfing things to force people into the shop" is a bald faced lie and completely inaccurate. That is not about "disagreement" that is about complete and utter misrepresentation of facts. Disagreement is fine, it always has been and always will be. I have no idea why you'd think you would be banned based on my statement. ~Daglar
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