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Well if you want to be picky, look up a definition of the word 'ulitmate' - 'The last, greatest, or farthest item in a sequence'. Also take into account the price you're charging. So if you now decide you would like to sell a package on Steam that DOES include the SL souls what would you call that? the 'ultimate, ultimate'?I really don't understand why you want even the opportunity to make a new customer feel like they've been ripped off. It may be good for short-term cashflow, but it's bad for long-term business.
Lightwell. Seriously. You are arguing for the sake of arguing. I'm really not sure what your end game is either.We could have just as easily named it the "Mega Bundle" or the "Super Patron Edition" or the "Penultimate Patron Partridge in a Pear Tree Edition". This is akin to arguing about the definition of "is" at this point.Yea, it sucks that the user is upset about their purchase. However, I still can't see a single thing misleading about the package that they purchased.If I sold a package with the Storm Legion souls in it, or any souls, I'd probably include the word "Souls" and I'd especially reference /the soul package that is included/. But, again, we don't offer this right now via any service other than the in game store, and via boxed copies of storm legion.~Daglar
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