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Now you seem to want to play deliberately dense. The SL souls are the prime extension to the game, phrases like 'ultimate' imply that you get ALL the important parts of a game. If you haven't already played Rift you wouldn't yet know that the SL souls are now a separate item in the store. I often defend Trion, but with this, as with the proliferation of lockboxes, they are increasingly losing my support.
I think a list denoting what is contained within the package is more than adequate on the advertising front here. There is no trick, there is no trap, you are getting exactly what is advertised. Phrases like "ultimate" imply that you get everything in the game? There is no intention whatsoever with the use of that word to attempt to mislead or lie to a user. Again - the Steam Product page clearly lists the contents of the package. I'm sorry to the user that is disappointed in their purchase, but there has been zero attempt to fleece the user here. ~Daglar
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