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So I bought a few crates today.Didn't get the fiery nebula (kinda knew THAT was gonna happen). But I found something else even more disturbing. I got 2 Prismatic items. A neck piece and a trinket. They have upgrade paths. However, they only have full stats on the first part. There are 2 more steps to max them out and there are no stats showing on the last 2 for the trinket. There is only a portion of the stats on the necklace. I would go on about being ripped off, and this is gambling etc. But it'd be nice to get that new nebula on some kind of sale...by itself?Sorry I'm not too savvy about posting pictures, but contact me in game if you need proof. I'll submit a ticket there as well.
This is a display bug and I am told it should be fixed in the next hotfix.~Daglar
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