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Altruism does not work on Subtle Invocation. It just heals for 0.
Looks like Echoes of Altruism wasn't counting overhealing in its calculations for Subtle Invocation. So if you were just healing someone already at full health it would heal for 0 or if Subtle Invocation had some portion of overhealing on it the heal from Echoes of Altruism heal would be reduced. I have a fix in so it always uses the full value of the heal (actual healing done + overhealing) in determining the healing for the Echoes of Altruism proc.
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Unstable transformation causes raid marks on the target to be invisible for the duration of it.
No idea what's happening on this one. I'll need to go talk with the UI people in charge of the raid marks for some more info. I'll let you know when I have some info to report.
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