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We have many guides on the forums already with information on the top builds and point spread distribution, as well as how to use these builds. Why not just collect the information and the developer/s for the presets can do this themselves instead of relying on a copy/paste from the players? Or is this exactly what you guys are looking for?
We'd rather pick the most up to date builds, that are the best in the eyes of the community. Additionally, the order to spend points is pretty important, and not something most builds cover!
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Can we do more than one actionbar? Most specs can't fit in only twelve keybinds. For instance, Void Knight needs eight keybinds just for the 1-hour self-buffs. Bladedancer needs 7 buttons for the dances and poisons and 2 more for the AoE cooldowns, which does not leave you with enough space for the actual rotation. Et cetera.
At this time, I am afraid not, due to technical limitations. We do want to point people at the appropriate guide for that reason.
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Are these presets meant for leveling people or for level 60 people? I ask this because: 1) level 60 people shouldn't necessarily use presets because they're either pvpers who experiment on their own or raiders who use the one optimum spec for the soul they want 2) as was mentioned there are already a bunch of guides in the forums. Are people meant to submit all of those? Because after all, those guides belong to the specific person who made that guide. I'm not gonna submit Muspel's or Gery's guides (for example), but those are the optimum specs. 3) optimum builds change based on buffs and nerfs, which necessitates changing the preset every time a soul gets tweaked. If they aren't tweaked, then it just leads to the same confusion as the current presets.
1. People can submit a levelling build or a 60 only build-- this is determined by the minimum level. 2. People should only submit builds they've made themselves, primarily because we're looking for builds + guides together. 3. Understandable, and we'd like to see them updated, but I'll need to check with Kervik/etc to see if that's feasible, if the creator provides the updates. If this contest is successful, we may look into doing this again in the future.
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Already told Vladd...but your spreadsheet is missing level 57.
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The only thing presets should be for are soloing purposes, or optimal point distibutions for specific levels)e.g. tankin on lvl 30...the other possible things should be gimmick specs that make fun AND work on your way to 60.... i hope thats the intention from trion
We're looking for specs for a lot of purposes. I hope to see some levelling builds, some lower level tanking/healing builds, and a lot of solo things. Will builds always be better if you go to a frequently updated thread run by a highly intelligent theorycrafter? Yes. Always. Can we make the current ones better? Yes, and that's what we hope to do.
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