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Has there been any PM's from Vladd; any Coder Ring messages from Vladd: Any communiques to any of the one's who had Allion's ear - you know RR, Muspel, Jopok, Gery, others who may have had contact with Allion - you folks had anything from Vladd that you might share?Any tidbits pro or con, like : - is he pro / con Hybrid? - are warriors going to be stuck in 61 builds only ? - is something going to be publicized on the Warrior forums soon from him , like they are finally seeing from Kervik? Anything at all?Would be nice to hear something?
Chaszar, the protocol to speak with me is the following:Send me a PM or ask a question on the forums. As for your questions, I would say that I'm pro options. The strength of the soul system is that you get to pick and chose which parts you want from the various souls and put them together for your play style. Tons of combinations and options. However, it is important that a 61 point investment remain viable and in some cases the "best". With investment that large, you are giving up versatility and customization options from the other soul trees. Those 61 points need to add up to something significant. Otherwise it is a repeat of pre-1.11 where most if not all of the top specs were hybrids and 51 point builds were hardly in the discussion. So, I hope that clears up where I stand on the matter. Again, the pm box is always open and I try to answer all of those that I receive if at least to acknowledge that I've read it.Note: When I say "best" it is subjective. There will always be situations where different specs perform better or worst given all the variables.
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