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I put a ticket in on this a long time ago, but it doesn't appear to be looked at.
Not implemented or responded to does not mean it wasn't looked at. I am not unaware of this idea and you are not the only one to have suggested it, but we have no intention of removing IA groups from the general population. Most mob populations in our game are on some form of minimum population controller. In many places, this controller becomes more aggressive (increases the number of mobs that must be alive) when Instant Adventure groups are active in that area. Additionally, you can still tag those mobs for quest credit even if people in the IA group are already fighting them. Quest credit is shared by any player that tags a mob, whether grouped or not, regardless of who tagged it first. If you are observing specific area having trouble keeping a reasonable mob population active while adventure groups are in the area, please provide the specific details of where and what mob type, and I can look at further tuning population controllers in that area.
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