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Hey all,Before speculation gets started, this isn't like the Warlock thread. I wanted to give you all a heads up on a change coming with this week's hotfix for the Dominator. We're pulling Mass Charged Shield out and replacing it. Its been problematic for a while and the decision was made to replace it with this week's hotfix.Here's what's coming in its place:
  • Voltaic Feedback Deals Air damage whenever the enemy deals damage. Deals Air damage to the enemy and the target of the heal whenever the enemy casts a single target heal. Can occur up to 5 times total. Lasts 15s. Can only affect 1 enemy.
Improved Charged Shield is also getting replaced since there is nothing left for it to improve:
  • Extended Feedback - Increases the duration of Voltaic Feedback by 5s, and the number of times it can proc by 2/4.
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