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Hey all, First off, my apologies for being absent from this forum for as long as I have been. I dropped the ball on communicating with you all and Iíll work on getting things back to regular communication or at least letting you know if thereís going to be a while that Iíll be absent ahead of time. I have some updates and fixes getting ready to head out to PTS, and most likely out with one of the next hotfixes. Some of these expand some of the existing capabilities of abilities, so let me know if you'd rather the ability stay as is. Sentinel
  • Increased the duration of Banish to 15s. Banish now deals damage ever 1.5s instead of ever 1s to match other Cleric damage over time effects. Updated damage to reflect new duration.
  • Increased the duration of Vigilance to 15s.
  • Slightly increased healing done by Healing Communion. This amounts to about a 10% increase.
  • Signs will no longer proc from Geyser healing.
  • Overflowing Renewal can now be cast on allies outside of your party or raid. Overhealing spread from Overflowing Renewal will affect the targeted allyís party and raid even if that is not the casterís party and raid.
  • Ripple can now be cast on allies outside of your party or raid that you have Healing Spray or Soothing Stream on. Effects spread by Ripple will affect the targeted allyís party or raid even if that is not the casterís party or raid.
  • Oversaturation will now proc Dangers of the Deep on cast (if you have points spent in Danges of the Deep).
  • Oversaturation will now proc damage when any nearby ally is healed by the Cleric and no longer just their party and raid members.
  • Glassy Reflection will no longer be consumed by the casterís own abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where the heal proc from Unstable Transformation was not lasting the full duration of the buff.
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In the patch notes for 2.4 Hotfix #9, it says that Furious Assault will now last through death. However, it was still being removed on death and I had to reapply it every time.
This was actually a typo in the patch notes and the ability wasn't meant to last through death.
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