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If these were deemed no longer valid, why were they not cleaned up out of everyone's quest queue, and as mentioned above, still begin handed out?
Because as mentioned in more than one other thread on this subject, it was an oversight. I missed the breadcrumb that was being given out this way, and it was not found by either internal QA or on the PTS.As stated in the other sticky of known IP issues at the top of this forum section, this particular quest will be removed the next patch (11/14). Using the quest giving item again will give the updated quest instead that directs players to the Lycini Ambassador in their home capital.In a following patch, the old "portal to Storm Legion" marker that used to be in IP will appear marking the locations of the Lycini Ambassador,. I wanted to make that change in this patch, but that particular bit of data has some hurdles to edit remotely, and all of the IP fixes for this week I have done from home this last weekend because I am out of office on vacation time. So the map marker will need to wait a week for me to get back in the office.P.S. - for those concerned that the old quest could be done at level 48 but the new quest was for level 50, I have reduced the level pre-req on the new quest to level 48.
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