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Here are the fixes incoming for known issues. These fixes should be in the 11/14 patch.
  • All crafting dailies previously turning in to Master-at-Arms Varis in Iron Pine now turn in to Robern Charrette.
  • Quest "Display of Power" - The objectives are fixed and now correctly turns in to Watcher Natham near Icewatch Ridge
  • Quest "Disrupting the Ritual" - The order of objectives is fixed
  • Quest "A Wolf in the Flock" - The quest target, Regula, is now properly level 35 instead of 48
  • Quest "Thunder Snow" - should now function correctly.
  • Quest "Train the Recruits" - should now function correctly.
  • Quest "Storm Legion Awaits!" - The quest has been removed. Using the Map of Brevane and Dusken (renamed "Strategic Overview of Brevane and Dusken") now will give the quest "Storm Legion", directing players to the Lycini Ambassador in their home capital instead of the two now missing Gatekeepers in Iron Pine Peak.
  • A pool of daily quests should now be offered by Robern Charrette in the Chancel of Labors to those that have completed the story quest "Just Punishment".
  • A portal to Storm Legion map icon now appears on the main map, marking the locations of the Lycini Ambassador in Sanctum and Meridian.
  • Level 50 Abyssal cultists in Steampike Pit have been relocated.
These issues are known. Fix ETA is unknown yet.
  • The zone event "Storm Rising" is too high level for the zone.
  • The Cloudbourne Necklace items are still not leveled down to match the current zone content.
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