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Some love? You mean the more zones IAs are in, the more people we need to fill them? That's true. But develop cross-shard IA system and merge clusters back. Problem solved.
No, that would be problem mitigated, not really problem solved. Cross-shard IA will increase the IA player pool and thereby increase the players in each IA raid from what it is currently until more zones get added, fracturing the player base again and if we add enough content, we are back where we started.I want a better systematic solution, but that is not a short term thing.That said, we have been looking at cross-shard IA. Not sure where it is in the pipeline, but certainly more likely to see that soon rather than an overhaul of the larger IA system. Cross-shard IA is good not just for mitigation of the current problems, but also because it allows friends on different servers to actually play together, something we advocate and try to support as we are able, making it an actual improvement of the system no matter what we do with IA in the future.
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