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TLDR2 days ,patron vial chargers weren't ever addedStill get patron daily giftpurchased 30 day gem pass on the 20thCan still summon trains/mail boxesI do get the currency boost since 180 stones gave a bonus 36Ok this is starting to really get me in a bad mode ,now in the last topic there was a lot of us all being jerks mostly myself and I'm sorry for that .The last time I get any charges added to my vial was two days ago ,I'm still able to summon trainers and mail boxes .I don't think I'm getting my bonus to currency ,I bought the 30day pass for gems last Tuesday so I'm sure I still have time left
I've passed this on to an engineer to take a look at what might be causing this. CS does not actually have the ability currently to increment these - so I've asked them to give you 3 of each of the 40% vials for the time being.Bill "Daglar" FisherGame Director
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