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Hi, I just started to do PVP at lvl 11, I had a look in rift store. it seems like pvp gear always has better stats than the normal gear at a centain level (say lvl20, weapons and armor). why whould people even borther to buy normal gear? Also, is pvp gear effective in PVE?
PvP gear, at low levels especially, can be great. At level 60, there is a bit of a break between PvP gear and PVE gear. PVE gear has stats on it required to progress through Expert Dungeons and Raids. PvP gear has stats on it that are required for reducing damage in PvP. Additionally at level 60 a "Bolstering" system is in place within Warfronts. If you are not wearing PvP gear your gear will be replaced with the lowest available rank of PvP gear (without enchantments).~Daglar
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