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Trion should be aware that "bait and switch" marketing tactics is considered illegal under U.S. law..and yes they can be sued for it.
The term "bait and switch" isn't applicable here. A bait and switch tactic is when you advertise something at a low price, get someone into your store, and then tell them that you don't have the item advertised and instead, offer them a more expensive item and or attempt to strong arm the person into buying a more expensive item. We don't do that on the store. We have a random box, with random goods. We don't have pushy salespeople attempting to upsell you. There is no false advertising - its actually pretty clear what we offer. A random chance to get items, consumables, mounts, and other goods - as listed on the boxes. Some folks like boxes, others don't. It's up to each individual to decide if they want to purchase one or not. ~Daglar
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