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I'm very disapointed that you ignore the fact that Gamescom was this week. You already ignore european players by avoiding gamescom, the fact that no info was revealed this week is disapointing. Sure that is in line of the depreciation of the european communauty. (Taome and kahuna were fired, no communauty event at the gamescom, no official message on the french forum since you fired Taome...). Very disapointing... Hope you will correct that dahanese and reassure us.
Hey - I'm really sorry about the disappointment of gamescom. Please know we aren't going to have a booth at PAX - Oat and myself are going so stream on Twitch so we can show some new stuff to the global audience. Right now our resources are put best towards our games - not flashy booths and parties. We aren't going to stop with our work on the game in French and German. Nothing has changed there.
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