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Also the guest user thing. You say in one breath you're concerned about fraud and such. So why are guest users given full anonymity in Rift, to spam channel, send mail and buy from the cash shop? How is that sensible? You even advertise that they don't. Tbh this was the start of the end FOR ME. Now it seems they're also probably the ones that did exploit the dimension items. Who else in their right minds would consider plat to me more valuable that real money?
First - guest accounts shouldn't be able to do that. I've sent this over to QA to re-verify the guest functionality.Second - No guest accounts have not been the people I'm worried about with this change and why it was brought on. Fraud is very real.Third - No, dimensioneers are not a huge % of our income from the store, nor have they ever been expected to be. I've seen the "cash cow" threads - it's just not accurate. No one wants to have to pay credits for anything of course - but were not "extra targeting dimension players" over any other type of player.Bill "Daglar" FisherGame Director
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