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There is thread upon thread of constructive requests, and they've all been met with the same response. A bit fat no.
That is a bit unfair Charlice. You know very well that we read these forums, read the requests, and we try to get features in when we can. It is highly frustrating when rhetoric like this is spouted off by prominent members of the community.We don't have a magic wand that we can wave and get everything everyone wants into the game instantly. Development is a whole lot of wheeling and dealing for time with the resources you have available.There are a whole host of dimension improvements that Faratha has been pushing hard for - that come directly from the players. A number of those features are in the pipeline. I'm not going to announce the features before they are ready. I know that "feels" like radio silence but its really just good development practice. Don't promise something - ever - because no schedule survives contact with reality.I also get it -- you are personally frustrated with the cost of items. Message received loud and clear. It's always under consideration.Bill "Daglar" FisherGame Director
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