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This was a knee jerk over reaction to folks trying to farm loyalty, hurting legitimate players. Or worse the new trend that sell back will be worthless as they seek more money sinks in the game. Either way it is saddening.
This had nothing to do with that actually. At all. "Farming Loyalty" isnt a problem from my point of view - someone put the money into the game to buy the REX - someone deserves the loyalty. This is 100% based on the unfortunate fact that there are very bad people in the world, attempting to make real life money via illegitimate means (theft, fraud, etc). This was not a step I wanted to take - but I had to for the time being. This is not targeted at legitimate dimensioneers and people playing the game. I wish it didn't have to affect your gameplay - unfortunately the situation was dire enough that it must. Bill "Daglar" Fisher Game Director
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