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I may get flamed for this, but I honostly feel like there needs to be less interaction with devs outside of the pts. Its Dahanese's job to judge the overall moral of the community here and refer the apropriate questions in the correct direction.Rift has some amazing devs and fans but one thing I have noticed over three years here is how the forum community has learned to bait and maipulate dev responses and game changes. This is not how it should work. Dev to player coms should be minimal dahanese aside.. becuase no matter how much a dev loves its players WE are selfish and biased. Devs have the companys intrest and income in mind .
Agree and disagree. I love how integrated the devs are with you guys. I wouldn't want to take that away. I agree that manipulation and baiting is bad and there's more to combating that than asking me and my team to step in between you and the devs. There's a lot of training and talking that can help sort through those issues and protect against them happening.
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