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So basically your saying...just more of the same?Patches with bug fixes and stability fixes which actually break the servers and cause more harm than good. (the old green condoms loading are back, faster and longer than ever)A new/old CEO that cant even be bothered to pop by and say HI i'm back? Good start....way to halt the rumours.Having to read updates and just basic info about whats happening from external sites......Comments on F2P taking longer than a few months are a little......sour. Since for a while Trion was saying they absolutely wouldn't be going F2P then bingo.........were F2P. While I don't think Wildstar is a threat to Rift, the new FF and ESO are due to go open beta next month.
No, definitely not more of the same, but I think you'd rather the CEO be getting things done behind the scenes than posting in the forums first. He was on our Friday live stream for a while, though - the replay is at www.twitch.tv/trionworlds. In the mean time, I talk to the dev team and Scott on a daily basis so I will be giving you guys updates along the way (as well as Morgana and OverloadUT.) 2.4 is around the corner so you'll be hearing quite a bit from us about that soon.
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