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He was let go. The question is -why- you need to know more than that? Elrar is/was just a PR muppet. It sounds harsh to use that term but... that is exactly what they're called in the industry. They are not allowed to speak on things they don't get permission to speak about. Everything they say or do has been cleared or directed from their superiors so that the narrative remains consistent and pertinent. So, I am curious... why are you so incensed over what PR muppet was let go and why? The hand that made the muppet speak is still working... it's just not controlling Elrar's lips anymore. Over at League of Legends... Nikasaur is the LoL muppet. Same position, same job title... same everything. Her job is to spew what developers tell her to spew and to make semi-weekly youtube videos. The difference here though is that they spend a lot more on production and put her out front as a community ambassador and yordle cheerleader. Elrar... was a stream jockey. You can get stream jockeys for free and pay them with signed Rift boxes or something and they think you're a god. I'm glad you liked him and all but you have to remember... he and his European counterparts were paid spokespeople. You're being "emotional" over a commercial.
Just want to pop in and say that's not all Elrar did - nor what any of the Trion community team does. Our forward-facing work is perhaps 40% (max) of the team's daily duties. Yes: Elrar was never a dev. He was integral with communication between dev and fan and fan to dev, content, promotions, updates, and helping with bugs, new features - all that jazz. All of this will continue, but I wince when I hear the great work any of the team has done be disregarded.
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