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I mean, it feels like if anything does occur, and one wishes to discuss it, it is impossible because e-mails sent to the community email go completely ignored. If I speak to customer care, they tell me the forum team is entirely separate so contacting them through there is impossible. It doesn't feel like much of a community when the mods seem completely out of reach, or simply do not care to respond at all to anything. =\ Perhaps I am wrong, but I see the rift devs respond on the forums all the time, but the actual team in charge of the forums pretty much ignore everyone.
Moderators: folks that only work on keeping things in order. They don't work for Trion directly. Community Team: that's me (Director o' Community), OverloadUT (social media and livestreaming dude), and Deb (Community Coordinator and Patch Note Extraordinaire.) We man the community inboxes but sometimes we are quite slow on the response time. We're also in the forums a lot but overall, I'd count the forums as about 10% of what we do on a daily basis - there are a lot of updates, blogs, and other content pieces we work on for you guys that aren't quite as direct or obvious. But we're here!
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