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First this:Please not dahanese's response "if anything you are going to see these forums become less strict." I then went to the thread, saw dahanese's post, didn't think to make a screenshot at the time, and then saw this ironic ending:I then closed that browser tab, and came back to it later, only to find dahanese's post is gone from the thread, but still in the dev tracker.Any ideas what is happening here and why dahanese's response was removed?
Irony (well, kinda irony but enough we'll use the word and I won't go into semantics.) As I said: forum moderation is going to get looser, but that's a process that takes time and reworking of rules. In that particular case I entirely posted in a closed thread, realized it, felt like a weirdo, deleted it, and moved on with things behind the scenes. Also I'm leaving this open but let's not talk about moderation since that's always going to be a no-no publicly. You can laugh at me for not noticing I was posting in a closed thread, though!EDIT: Opening this one up again.
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