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So i'm back after my little break skiing and feeling all good and revitalized. I get my mug of coffee and hit the forums to catch up on all I missed.....and to post on threads to make sure y'all didn't miss me too much.... So Scott's back?? Elrar was sacked amongst others??Daglar is probably 'secretly' looking for a new job nowEurope is being canned (yes they are, I've seen this far to often now. It's like clockwork)New round of Buffs 'if you can call them that' to make PvE better...whilst wrecking PvP even further.Everyone has gone all lovey-dovey on the forums for fear of being banned.New girl...sorry woman incharge of us all now, Dahanese. Hello by the way, you'll get to know me soon enough. I'm not nasty as some would say, i'm just passionate about the game. Oh and were you the one on one of the livestreams I seem to remember that had the Corgi? Really?!!? I can't leave you lot alone for a week without all hell breaking loose. Anyway......I'm back.
Hello!Scott is back, Elrar is gone, we have closed the Europe office but still are rocking and rolling with our EU servers and localization, Daglar is still alive and kicking, I certainly hope we aren't wrecking any of the game but I love diving into opinions about all the tweaks, if anything you are going to see these forums become less strict (so don't fear banning unless you are a big jerkface!), I own a miniature long haired dachshund. Amary owns the world's cutest corgi so I can't even try to compete.
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