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My advice:Games are not countries. They're not governments and they're definitely not religions. You don't need hopes, dreams and beliefs to have a good time. Around 90% of any game's population doesn't read the forums. If you didn't read the forums, you'd have no idea who most of the people are who were let go... and more importantly, you likely wouldn't notice if anyone was let go in the first place. So, my advice is treat your game like most players do. Most don't read the forums and play to enjoy themselves. Try it sometime, you might like it.
It's true that 5-10% of folks generally are on the forums (although what is it, 90% of statistics are all made up?) but generally those that come here are the most connected and those who talk are definitely very, very invested. Before I worked at Trion I never visited the forums. I commented to Amary when she first started working for me that the only thing I really noticed out of game was the tone of the patch notes since I religiously read them. We're all different types of players, though, so it's not about discounting one form of communication or one pool of people. It's about striking the balance between all of them (or trying to.)
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