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Firing Elrar is a major hit to the community.I am here from the beginning of Rift. And Elrar is at least one of Rift's legs. Firing him is crippling Rift. You can survive the surgery but you will recover too long from it.FYI Myll_Erik, CM of EoN and Defiance, handling community for both projects, got fired also. You know little of him but he was great man too. With him being fired forums of EoN got permanently silent. While both Defiance and EoN were screwed we still miss the man.I sincerely hope this is for the best and Scott has a plan to make things better for Rift. But I also understand that Scott HAS to do a livestream uncovering the plan. With the lack of communication such unpopular acts like firing beloved CM will definitely aggravate community and may end up very bad for the game.Olny one thing can keep players loyal and forgiving - being open to the community. While classified actions lead only to destruction.
This is a good time to clear up a bit of the doom and gloom. First off, Myll_Erik wasn't fired: he moved on from Community to be an Associate Producer. He wanted to be in production and I would never want to stop that. You guys still have an active community team - for Defiance, RIFT, and End of Nations. EON is definitely in a much quieter state than the other two, being fairly under wraps right now, but we're keeping an eye on all of them.
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