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Eliz=dan=femaleShe was quite impressive today, 75% of the community (including me) Sat there and spammed the chat asking where elrar was and trolling her and she managed to ignore them for most of the stream, and answered at the end. She sounded a bit angry but when you are on the job for less than 24 hours, getting trolled by a few hundred people and posts being made asking where elrar is and people insulting her, I would be mad tooI loved elrar, he was great and one of the best CMs I met but you people aren't even giving Elizabeth a chance, hush up, stay around for a month, and then judge
Want to make some corrections here (maybe for my pride?! :P) I've been with Trion about a year and a half (albeit behind the scenes for most of you guys) and I've been in community since 2006 (which makes me almost a dinosaur by most standards.)And then I want to say I'm sorry if I seemed angry. I really wasn't. I might have been a bit overtired. Scott did come up to me at 11 today and tell me I needed sleep which might mean I looked a bit like... well. Someone who hasn't slept in a week. ;-)
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