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I'm really sad to see Elrar go, as a member of the Archeage Source Team, Elrar would come over and chat with us quite regularly, and kept us informed on the happenings of Archeage. Elrar even played Archeage with us and we all had a fun time together. The funniest moment was when Elrar took a week to build his first boat and then set sailed. But to his dumbfound luck he sailed his first boat strait into the Kraken and he tore his ship to pieces. The tears were rolling down my face. I'll will always remember the fun times we shared. For Dahnese : Now that Elrar is gone, the AA community has no-one to get info from, will you or another Trion staff member make their presence over at AA source, and continue what Elrar has started ? Thanks
Oat, Morgana, and myself will all be covering that. We're still in the early days for AA, though!
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