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Daayou, you are partially right. I don't necessarily have a "right" to any information, and they don't owe me anything. I also don't necessarily owe them anything. I don't have to work on a draft of a more comprehensive newbie guide for the upcoming magelo wiki. I don't have to maintain a dozen addons. I don't have to stay in 1-29 for hours a day answering newbie questions. I don't have to answer questions on the forums. I don't owe them any of that. They don't have an inherent right to my time spent trying to make people enjoy their game more. So I guess that works out, from your perspective.
You are totally right: we don't. I think you give that to us because you like us and the game. And I hope it stays that way. And I mean that not just as a "you" to the entire community, but to "you" as in seebs specifically.
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