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@Dahanese:I shared your same job title when I was a community director for a certain pirate game. I managed the department and worked behind the scenes to support a lot of great people. I too saw the winnowing of my team as the game slowly began to decline. It's rough having to gradually give 75% of your friends and coworkers pink slips.So, I can empathize with your dilemma.On the other hand... after I laid off the last person, I also resigned and haven't worked in the MMO industry since. I'm a person of honor and integrity... and being complicit in a system that thinks community service professionals are expendable... eh, just wasn't in my best interests (and still isn't). Decisions like these are made with a bottom line in mind. Costs are cut and the perceived value of service that players notice declines as community problems stack up and the company loses the ability to support itself. Revenues then decline further and more measures are put in place to further reduce costs... and so on. The loser here is always the players and they vote with their wallets. One day, MMO companies will learn this... but not today it seems. I am not and never was a fan of Elrar's job title (you can do his position with a community volunteer and get them to make livestreams for you... that's one thing I did). I don't know the reason for his departure but I'm betting it was economic (as were all the other major changes recently). He was a good guy though and the community is lesser for him being gone.Either way, I don't envy your position. I've been there and... for me... I resigned and went off to beat my own drum. I've often thought of coming back to the industry but... not today and probably not tomorrow either.
Laeris - Thanks for your honesty. I am not going to go into details of any of employees - some leave for new jobs. Some are let go for a variety of reasons. I wish them the best and I can tell you it's never fun to have someone leave but regardless of the circumstance, I always want what is best for them. And I agree with you on the honor and integrity part and live my life by the same code. You guys can and will draw your own assumptions and judge me and I can't pretend I love that and I'm not saddened by the negativity but it's my job to do right by you and that's all. One thing I can tell you is that I like to be more involved with the community. That change is one I've made and I'm very, very happy with. I never believe that "leveling up" means "moving beyond talking with the community." Elrar always had the forums covered and sometimes it's better to have one voice than step in and end up talking over each other, but I'm here now and I'm sticking around. How you guys take that is entirely up to you - but I hope I do right by you.
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