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Some questions dahanese: -Are the european shards will rest located in europe? (don't want to get massive lag and updates during EU prime time) -Taome made livestream in french. What will happens to that? If you won't continue that, i hope you will come on Brisesol some time, even if it's in english. It's fun to make an appearance in a livestream. -Same question for the communautary event Taome organize regulary for french players (and Yakkah before him). -Closure of Trion world office in europe mean we will never get a IRL communauty event? You organize two event in US this summer and 0 in europe (and you don't go to gamescom, but you go to the pax...). That make me sad. -Who will be in charged of the French community? We saw Tornyrd recently in the french forum. Who is he? Is he the new french CM or will he be fired like Taome? -Why did you fired Taome? He was a great communauty manager... Loosing him is a very very bad news. -Have you planned something to integrate more the french communauty in the global rift communauty? Many event are only proposed in english on the english forum... With the lost of Taome we have nothing to compensate that... I hope you will answer that, french communauty would like to know what will happend. (and post something on french forum please in order to calm the fear of being abandonned by Trion...)
Getting ready for the live stream but real quick - Yes to the shards staying in EU. For the time being, we will be having EN only live streams. We're still going to be working on community events - we scaled things way back for PAX (we don't have a booth, for example) but this is a global community. For all intents and purposes, refer to me for all things community. Yes, I know I don't speak French and German, and I'm sorry about that, but I'm your person now. As for the detailed "why" of some stuff, unfortunately that's not something I am going to share here.
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