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So no official info in the german forum? We have still nothing there!I want a simple yes or no if there will be a new german speaking CM and german support. Also i hope the european game is not going to another publisher like Gameforge or Bigpoint.Are the changes so bad for us, that you have nothing to say? I'm playing RIFT now for few weeks, but Kahuna was a great CM. I came to RIFT because i have heard about the german community and the german support. Will there be german updates on Twitch, Facebook & Co.? German events?I hope you understand, that in this uncertain times and after the last actions, i save my money.
I can answer some of that: we're still going to have German and French support - customer service, patch notes, Facebook, all that jazz. We are still going to be able to get you guys content and updates and all that other stuff. As for employees, I'm punting that question into next week when I can give you a better, global view of everything - both English and French/German. I can tell you that for now, Twitch streams will be all on www.twitch.tv/trionworlds and done in English. And I apologize that I never could pick up other languages, because I wish I had that now.
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