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It needs to be NOW. Tonight. I'd make him drop all things. The community of this game has been hit by a couple of asteroids and this one was a planet killer. Questions on this need to be answered either by him or by Hartsman sooner rather than later. Do not leave us speculating on why you wont like what comes out of that mess.No nonsense no BS. Give it to us straight and if necessary dirty. Just the Truth. We deserve that. Not sure if he'll leave a goodbye or not sometimes they dont. This isnt the first CM that's this has happened to in one form or another it wont be the last.There is the possibility he left on his own accord. There are a couple of new projects that someone of Elrar's talents and skill probably would not want to sit on the sidelines for.But as far as i am concerned. We need answers. Now.1. Who made this decision?2. Why was this decision made?3. If he's leaving for another game which one?4. Can you give us any friggin good news?!add your own to that list.
I work with Scott on a daily basis - there isn't a crazy bureaucracy here. So yes, Scott will be coming on the live stream but also keep in mind he's the CEO of the company (and thusly has a couple three things to do on a daily basis.) What you hear from me will be the truth. And not BS. And when I can't tell you something, I won't. I won't beat around the bush.The best news I can give you is that I think we can all agree that Scott loves this game and has a great vision for it. I believe in it. And it's to do right by you guys. You are all that matter.
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