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I appreciate that. I know you guys can't talk about anything behind the curtain for the most part, I was just hoping we'd hear it a little more directly about these kinds of major changes instead of nested inside a post. I did a spit-take when I read that.It's definitely not going to make things easier, and as the news spreads it's going to get worse. The sooner you can start communicating aspects of this plan, the better off we'll all be. I just don't want to see this news fester. You're going to have a lot of upset people; Elrar was really loved.
I hear you on all fronts here. (And to the poster above, yeah, I get the whole "you sound like a politician" thing. I know a lot of you work for companies so can understand there are internal things that always stay internal but I know as someone who loves a game, it can be a bugger - and I use that word because otherwise I'd be cursing.) We're going to start communicating the plan. Scott's going to be doing a lot of that himself. It may have only been a week but for you guys that's a long time. But we won't leave you in the dark.
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