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Thank you for clearing the waters, at least as much as you could. That's something that I enjoy greatly about Rift when compared to other MMOs out there, the community managers do their best to keep the players, one of the most important aspects in the whole operation, in the loop. Other MMOs community team tends to crack jokes and approach some of the more needling questions with a blank "that's classified" response that infuriates the player base.
I am not a fan of community teams that think they are better than their players. And by "not a fan" I mean "it makes me absolutely enraged." Without you guys, I have nothing. Sometimes it's difficult, sometimes it's absolutely awesome. But win, lose, or draw - I'm here for you guys. I'll tell you straight up when you are asking for something I can't give. And I won't blame you if it annoys you. I get it. I will do my best to have that happen as infrequently as possible.
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