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That would be catastrophic.Taome is very active in Rift and Defiance. If he's not here anymore, what will happens for the french communauty?We need someone from Trion to interact with us in our mother language. Elrar and danahese are great, but they don't speak French, so if we loose Taome, there will be a problem a communication between French communauty and Trion.
Hey guys - Sorry you had to hear from me via the Defiance forums - that's my bad. And yes, it is true that the EU office is shutting down and Franck and Hergen are going to be leaving us. We are going to continune to support all our games in French and German out of the Redwood City office, though.You're going to see some big changes happening across all games in the next couple weeks. I'm going to be here and be as open and transparent as you as possible - starting today! So thanks for being patient as everything rolls out and I'll be here to talk with you. I'm always listening.
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