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There is just something wierd with it.If I stand in tempest bay compete naked with no buffs, including readiness 2 and maxxed PA's I have 7640 HP's.It should heal for 3x Max HP' over 6 ticks, which makes each tick 1/2 of max HP's. Yet it heals for 3208, when in my head it should be 3820. So the first thing to think is perhaps it doesn't calculate buffs into the equation, so subtract PA's and Readiness, R1 + R2 = 730 HP's. Max PA i think is 1020 HP's, so thats 1750 off, leaves me with 5890 so an expected tick of 2945, but it was 3208 so thats not rights either.But maybe its scaling to some extent with talents or SP, So i try 61/0/0 compared to 61/15/0 (sent) but both are exactly the same 3208 per tick. So thats not it.Now i try adding Heroic resolve for +70 endurance, if buffs are included this should increase the tick by 350, it does indeed increase the tick but only by 294. This actually equates to a 253% return rather than the 300% expected.So looking back at the original test, @7640 HP's and a 3208 tick, thats also very close at 251.9% return.Now i put all the t2 test gear on and have 26170 HP's, Heal is for 10991 per tick, or 251.9% return again.Moving into the expert dumby foundry I have 28550 HP's and some unknown developer buff that may or may not provided increased healing received. Heal is for 12590 per tick or 264.6%. But i suspect a +5% healing received buff is included, so if it was still working at 251.9% we would expect a tick of 11986 +5% = 12585.So the conclusion is , skill is bugged, tooltip states 300% of max HP's, in practice its actually 251.9%.TL;DR Flames of life is bugged, returning 252% of max hp's not 300%.Whats the deal Kervik, did i do something wrong?
Something that seems to be wrong above is the number of ticks. There are 7 ticks of healing on Flame of Life and not 6. With an extra tick of healing added in the numbers should come out where you would expect.
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