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If you are who I think you are then the forums need more of your posting. When we tested ROTP a few times we were fortunate to have two devs. Both of them were great to work with. One was a tad more vocal and the other would only chat it up when needed. However, he always asked the same question, "Was it fun?" If that is you . . . please, keep posting!
I always asked "Was it fun?" because that is the single most important question to ask in my opinion. Balance, visuals, effectiveness of roles... those are important questions too but none of them matter if you guys aren't enjoying yourselves in the first place. So, yes, I made sure to ask that repeatedly throughout testing.Also, answers to a few more questions for inquiring minds...
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Is he the person that pitted dogs and cats against each other?
Nay, I am pro mass hysteria.
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Does he have human hands, tentacles, or a full mastery of 'the Force'?
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